Nov 07

Four Months

Ari Four fast, slow, wonderful, crazy months have past since Ariana joined our family. She is living up to her middle name and is a Joy in my life. Although she was quite a brat this afternoon, but how would I feel after getting four shots?! Pretty grumpy!

Ari had her normal check up today and is, of course, perfect! 😉 She now weighs 15 pounds and one ounce and is 25 inches long. She is still in the 75th percentile. The doctor did have a little advice. Apparently she likes looking to the right because her head is a little misshapen. Oops. My poor little egg head. So I need to lay her on her left side for naps and at night to hopefully even out her head. If not, the doctor told us she would have to wear a corrective helmet. Adam could not stop laughing when I told him that one.


Anyways, I love this age. She is so fun to play with. She is quick to smile and VERY ticklish! She laughs and laughs. She loves to suck on her hands, toys, paper, anything she can get her hands on. She loves to be outside. She loves BYU! She is a go-with-the-flow-girl! (Thank goodness for that one!) She lets anyone and everyone hold her. (Also very important!) She doesn’t like to lay flat, she has to sit so she can see everyone. She is very patient with her not-always-soft touching sisters.She is losing her hair. HeeHee! She has beautiful eyelashes. She sleeps through the night!! She is constantly sticking her tongue out.

Ariana loves ALL her family and is very loved by them!


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  1. cherie

    what a sweetie! a perfect addition to your darling family. better hold on to those girls tight, they are going to be heartbreakers!

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