Jun 15

Flag Day

Happy Flag Day everyone.Yes, I know it was yesterday, but we celebrated it today. You see, in this part of the good state of Utah the Boy Scouts of America put a flag in everyone's yards. They use it as a fundraiser but will put a flag in your yard either way. I love how it makes the neighborhood look! It is beautiful to drive around and see flags in every single person's yard! 

Now that Nikolas is 12 years old he gets to help put the flags up and take them down. Yesterday he volunteered to do not one, but two routes because it looked fun! Lucky Adam got to drive him and a friend around this morning to put flags in all the yards.
Adam lucked out and got to go golfing with his brothers and sister in law so the kids and I drove Nik and his friends around tonight so they could pick up the flags.

Ammon had to get in on the picture taking and was goofy! Or cool! However you look at it!
Funny funny boys!


  1. Alexis Thunell

    These are beautiful pictures Melissa!! Nik looks so grownn up! I love seeing all those flags…they did it up in Logan at Adam’s parents neighborhood. What a cool idea! Looks like everything is going great!

  2. melanie

    Oh my goodness–I saw that first pic of Nik and just about fell over–he looks like he is 15 or something! THey are growing up way too fast. Love you!

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