Aug 26

First Soccer Games

Today was the first soccer games for Ammon and Zoe. They played 30 minutes apart and in different locations. So Adam took the boys and I took the girls!  This will be the norm! We will always have to split up to watch them play!

Zoe was fun to watch. She played defense and did a great job. She has a great coach who has taught her well! She made a few new player mistakes, but she is having a blast and she loves it so she will only get better! She actually wants to play goalie! She was a little disappointed she didn't get to play today! I told her to get some pointers from Melanie Johnson and she would be starting in no time!! I am very proud of her. I made her play soccer this year. I felt she needed some kind of outdoor activity (Zoe is an indoor girl! When friends come to play they want to jump on the tramp or do something outside and she would rather play inside.) I think she is a little surprised at much fun she is having!

I was really bummed I couldn't watch Ammon play! I hate having to miss things. Good thing his next game is Thursday! Adam said he is a true Beck and falls down every time he get near the ball. But he is quick and with some good coaching (which he didn't get unfortunately) he will be good. So tune in Thursday for pictures of him.

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