Sep 22

Happy first day of Fall!!

Today is the first day of Fallll!! I am a little excited for fall to come! I love the cooler temps and the changing colors! I love the falling leaves. I love throwing those leaves at certain kids! I love that Halloween is around the corner and before that comes Ammon, Adam and Tori's birthdays! I love that it is too chilly for  mosquitoes to hang around the sports park, where everyone plays their games! I love that all the flies are soon going to die and bug me no more!!! I love wearing my jacket!!

I especially love my view!! I see this out my window as I am doing dishes. I can see this out my window in the living room. I see this view when I am coming home from taking the kids to school as the sun lights it up. I love it! 


It makes me smile! It makes me happy!


It makes me thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who wants me to have joy and provided so many ways for me to have it!

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  1. denise

    Yes, autumn is definitely my favorite!

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