Apr 12

Day 2 of Spring Break

Today we spent the day cleaning and organizing the garage! It really took us all day and Nik did a HUGE portion of it! He most of the boxes! He was great! But sadly no photo of that! To much info!!!

Today as we were cleaning there were times I didn’t need everyone so they disappeared into the back yard until I called them. When I checked on them I just had to laugh. They had set up their very own volley ball court!

Can you tell they are using an extension cord as a net?!?! Creative kids! In the back ground you can see the spectators!!

Aren’t they cute in their little set up! Later Tori got tired and Kalixta got her all ready for a nap!


  1. Jaime

    I’m glad your kids are so good and willing to spend the day cleaning on spring break..I can’t remember things I did on spring break, but I’m sure I would have been a little stinker if my mom tried to get me to clean. I love the picture of Tori with the apple…what a healthy little girl!

  2. Marci

    Hey I think that is my umbrella… hahhaha
    Looks like fun! Glad you are putting them to work. Melissa I hope you are not working too hard 🙂

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