Apr 29

Cute Dress

I love handing clothes down through the girls. It always brings back lots of memories. Tori wore one of those dresses on Sunday!

Adam's Mom gave this one to Britain for Easter when she was one! I love this dress with it's little kerchief!

I love that crooked little smile!


And her cute little curlies coming out of the back!


We can't forget that "cheese" face!!!

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  1. Alexis Thunell

    Awww…she is so beautiful. Another gorgeous Basua girl. You and Adam have an awesome gene pool. I feel the same about these little outfits. Although, you seem to have kept yours in much better condition than I. I have very few dresses that have lasted, but ahhh…I think I usually shed a tear or two when I get them out. These babies grow just WAY too fast!!!
    Love you…

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