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Jan 28

Kalixta’s Fieldtrip to The Getty

Yesterday was Kalixta’s turn to go to The Getty Museum! I was lucky enough to go with her too. They are in different classes so they went on different days which worked out prefectly for me! Since I had already been there I sort of knew where to go. And I knew the exhibits I …

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Jan 19

Happy Birthday Kalixta & Britain!

Britain and Kalixta turned 11 yesterday! Man how time flies!! Today was a crazy, crazy day! The kids were off school so I made Ari an orthodontist appointment. First I dropped Nik off at a meeting in Camarillo then took her. While I was gone Ammon baked two cakes for a funeral. I came home …

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Jan 16

UCMS Basketball

Ammon is playing on his school’s 7th/8th grade team. They have been practicing and had their first games this week! Ammon is #1! Love it! They had a rough two games but he scored 4 points in the first game and 8 in the second!  

Jan 14

Britain’s Fieldtrip to the Getty

Britain went on a fieldtrip to the Getty Museum yesterday. I was so excited to go with her! My Dad watched Michael all day so I could go and I soooo apperciate it! Thanks Dad!! We had a great time looking at all the painting. The view was awesome! The gardens were amazing! I loved …

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Jan 12

Bike Helmets

Michael loves riding his skateboard so I went in search of a bike helmet for him. We went to a number of different stores to find the perfect one to fit him. We tried on the ninja turtle one but it was too big even though it looked cute! The dino one fit but suprisingly he …

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Jan 09

Ari’s Note

A visiting lady handed this note to Ari in church Sunday! I wish I would have known so I could give that sweet women a hug! Ariana is a sweet, special girl with many talents and singing is not one of them! She LOVES to sing and she sings loud and with so much passion and heart …

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Jan 06

Christmas Ornaments

I love the homemade cards and presents the kids make at school every year for Adam and I. My favorites are the ornaments that they make. I love Tori’s little bejeweled Christmas Tree ornament. Britian’s ribbon tree ornament. Kalixta present ornament to remind us what is important.

Jan 05

Happy 15th Birthday Zoe!!!

My sweet Zoe turned 15 yesterday!! This is mind boogling to me! Her friends from church decorated the front porch on her special day! She is a beautiful young women…inside and out! I love how excited my kids are to give gifts! They love picking the perfect gift and they love giving it! Michael is …

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Jan 03

Christmas Cards

For me one of the best things about Christmas is the cards! Zoe and I love to check the mail everyday! We love to see the pictures and read the updates of each family! I love to see them up on my wall reminding me the true spirit of Christmas!  

Jan 01

Happy New Year

We spent New Years Eve at home as a family with yummy food and a great strawberry drink to ring in the new year! Nik and Zoe were off to the youth dance having fun. Cheers! Happy New Year! Michael didn’t make it! He feel asleep about 11:30.  

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