Apr 18

Blessed Mommy

I am truly a blessed Mom! That doesn’t mean my kids are perfect by any means. But they do love me, despite my imperfections and my screw ups.

Last Sunday I hit snooze a few too many times and woke up a little later than I would have liked. I come down the stairs and there is my sweet Zoe reading books to all the girls!

She read them at least 5 books and they all just sat there listening!! I love my girls!! (I love my boys too, they were just still sleeping!)


  1. leslie

    oh my goodness, how cute is THAT?! I love your girls too! Specifically two of them. Seriously… they are the cutest things ever. I was just telling Jentry that at the gorcery store tonight. lol.

  2. Jaime

    What a great big sister..The little girls look captivated by her story. Such sweet girls!

  3. Denise

    I love your girls! I was so sad I had to return Ari after I picked her up from the yard sale. 😉

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