Oct 13

Birthday #39

Adam celebrated his 39th birthday last week. We had our normal family party on Sunday while everyone was here for dinner! It was wonderful and filled with lots of laughter! And of course some gooood food!! 

There was lots of smiles!


Lots of kisses!


Lots of joy!


Lots of cards, letters and drawings!


Lots of thoughtful gifts! Ammon got this rhino inside those capsules that you put in water! He knew his Daddy would love it!


Lots of sweets that he can eat on his diet!


Lots of slaps! Those are always a plenty when Nik and Adam are in the same room!:)


Adam got this awesome book that he is loving!!



Happy 39th my Love! Enjoy your last year in your thirties!!!



  1. Ashley (Clark) Bell

    I just love reading your blog. I know I don’t comment very much, but I check your blog quite frequently. Your kids are all soooo adorable and I love reading about your family =)

  2. denise

    I heard your cakes were delicious — that looks sooo good! I’ll have to harass Adam about being so “old.” 😉 Hope it was a great day!

  3. mariyah

    Hay son Diane and I decided that your face is smaller, your cheeks aren’t as round, so I guess your dieting is starting to show.

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