Oct 14

Bears Carnival

Since Ammon turned 9 he is now a Bear in the scouting world! He changed dens just in time to participate in the Bear Carnival! 


The whole family got to go! The girls were so excited, I cracked up when someone asked, "Where do they put the rides if the carnival is in the backyard?" There were games to play and popcorn and bubbles to be won!


Each of the boys made their own game!



They were so creative and perfect for the young kids!!



Ammon worked the Information and Prize Booth!


Zoe was asked to help paint faces! 


She had a blast and did a great job!

We all had a good time! Thanks Denise and Paul! Ammon and I can't wait for all the fun Bear activities!!


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  1. denise

    Just as long as he knows they aren’t all this cool. 😉 We’re so happy to have your cute little guy. 🙂

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