Aug 19

Back to School!

School started yesterday! No more sleeping in, I am very upset! Looking through my own photos I always have a picture out front of my house on the first day of school. I guess that is why I always take one.

Nikolas is home and not too excited to start school. He did have a good day though and likes his teacher a lot. He is too cool to take pictures in front of his friends so I quickly snapped this one to remember that this is the year it started!

Zoe was so excited to start school. She has lots of her friends in her class and a very nice teacher.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. Beagles so her classroom mascot is Snoopy! Zoe had a good day, but was disappointed by some of the changes that were made. The school got a new principal and he made some new rules! Zoe doesn't like change, but she will get used to it soon.
Ammon was very excited to start first grade. He met his teacher last week and he liked her. Unfortunately his day didn't go well. He exaggerates a little so it is hard to tell what happened, but he said kids in his class accidentally tripped him three times. He doesn't have any friends. He didn't have enough time to eat his lunch. Everything is scary and he is not smart!  It is very heart breaking! When I dropped him off this morning he was crying. I really hope today goes better!

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  1. Alexis Thunell

    I love your family! Every time I see them, they have grown so much! So cute!

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