Jan 24

Ari’s First Haircut

I finally took Ari to get her hair cut. I found this fun place not too far away. They specialize in princess so it was the perfect place for Ari!

Here are the befores.
Ariana had a blast at the salon drinking princess hot chocolate (it was pink with whip cream and pink sprinkles) and a cup cake loaded with frosting!
This is how Ari feels about her haircut!
She loves her haircut. She will shake her head and show it off to anyone!


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  1. melanie

    SO So So cute! What a great place. And a great cut!

  2. Meghan Till

    SOOOO cute!!! I love all your posts and your kids are so darling!

  3. melissa curtis

    The hair cut is adorable and how do you blog every day?!!

  4. Michelle Beck

    Awwww… she is a true princess!

  5. Diane Moore

    Look at my squishy

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