Jan 22

Ari sized Snowmen

Today it rain. Weird I think for it to rain in the middle of winter. Snow! I want snow! We haven't had snow since the first week in January. There is snow everywhere but it is the ugly snow. The black, dirty snow. I want clean fresh white snow! I think everyone in this house does!

Hopefully this weekend. Until then I will just have to find solace in my pictures of the last snow. Super Marci came over to play with the girls in the snow! They love being in the snow and have a big person with them made it that much better. They made a snow man. An Ari sized snowman. And boy did she love it!

She licked him.
She hugged him.
She kissed him.
She laughed with him.
And licked him some more!
Ariana loves her snowman!
I left all the girls playing to pick up the rest of the kids from school. When I got home there was a Tori sized snowman with the Ari sized snowman! I am mad I didn't get a picture of that!


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  1. Michelle Beck

    How much fun!

  2. Marie Beck

    Those are some really cute pictures. And it really does need to snow. I haven’t even gone sledding yet!

  3. Marci

    What mnakes you think our snow man was a boy?

  4. Melissa Basua

    Good point Marci! I don’t know. I guess we just needed more boys around here!

  5. Katie

    Too cute, those are the kind of pictures you bring out when they start dating!!!

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