May 19

Ammon’s Graduation

Ammon is a big boy now. He graduated from preschool this week. He got a cap and a diploma. I even had a parent-teacher conference with Miss Kara. She told me how popular Ammon is in school. She said the other kids actually fight to sit next to him! They have to take turns sitting next to him. How cute is that??!! He has always been a charmer like his Uncle Nicky! Miss Kara made an year book for him. Each page has pictures and little summary of what they did each month. It is wonderful! She measured and weighed him at the beginning of the school year (Sept.) and he was 35 pounds and 3 feet 6 inches. At the end of the school year (May) he was 36 pounds and 3 feet 8 inches. Yeah!!! My little man is growing!!! Now he is all registered and ready to start kindergarten. I can hardly believe it. He is a special boy and I am lucky to be his Mom!


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