Nov 21

Airplane Ride

A few Saturdays ago Adam and Nik were helping with an Eagle project at our local airport. A friend that was there too owns a small plane and told them he would take them up in it. They had an amazing time. The pilot flew like a roller coaster dropping down fast and I think they even went upside down!


Nik got the co-pilot sit!




Adam got some beautiful shots of Spanish Fork! Our house is down there! 


Up Spanish Fork Canyon! 



  1. denise

    So fun! I can see your house. 🙂 My bff’s hubby is a pilot, so he took me up in a little plane once. Not sure he’ll do it again since I opened the window without telling him. Oops! 🙂 He had told me on the ground I could open the window, so I thought that applied to the whole flight. My sister and friend in the back seat screamed, but the pilot was calm and collected and said next time to just let him know first. Funny now, though … 🙂

  2. leslie

    I see your house too! How fun..and scary!

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