Oct 29

A little Ari and a Big Nik

This is kinda a random post on two kids. First of all, Ariana went to the pumpkin patch with her preschool class. They got to go on a hay ride and everything! She had a great time! It was the "best day ever!" Here she is with her painted pumpkin!


She got an awesome coloring book at the pumpkin patch that she needed to take a picture with!


Our awesome preschool director (He he, you like that title Denise!) made all the girls matching shirts for going on field trips!! Isn't it cute??!! Great job Denise! Thank You!!!



Nik, oh that boy makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out all at the same time! Long ago when Adam and I were first married we were going through Adam's clothes! He had this hideous shirt right out of the 80's that he refuse to get rid of. "It will be used again someday!" So we put it in the Halloween box. Well, he was right! It got used Thursday! Nik wore it to school. Nik found it when we got all the Halloween stuff out Monday night and he liked it!


He said he got lots of comments on the shirt! Some people liked it and some thought it was weird, but most agreed that the collar was weird! 



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  1. denise

    Wow. I have a title. 😉 That is hilarious about the shirt. Becca wears so many things that are 80s that I just laugh. Maybe I really should have kept my old stuff, but I was so sure they’d never come back into style. Leg warmers? Really?!?

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