Apr 27


This is my 628th blog! Crazy, I know!!! This post can only be dedicated to Adam!! If you know Adam at all you know he likes the number 628. Maybe obsessed is more like it. It is his two favorite numbers put together. 

It was on our wedding announcement. 

It is on his office door.

He sets his alarm for 6:28. 

His favorite day is Jun 28th as known as 628day! 

It is his number! 

So Sweetie, enjoy your 628th post!!! I love you!


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  1. sylvia basua

    Aww that is so sweet of u sis, he is obsessed and the funny thing is I always think of him every night at 6:28 and if im up at 6:28 in the morning Adam is on my mind! I guess he really made his mark!
    ~Diane Moore

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