Aug 11

3rd Annual Back to School Fashion Show

That's right! It's that time of year again. The kids start school NEXT Monday! Ammon and Zoe are very excited to start. Nik is not. He isn't even home from CA yet!

Yesterday we had our annual fashion show. I started this tradition when we first moved to Utah. The kids were not excited to wear uniforms to school. I figured I could get Zoe excited about it by showing off all her new clothes to her family. It worked like a charm. Plus she really enjoys the fashion shows and being center of attention! Without further ado… here is Zoe Basua!!!




As you can see in the photo above Marci is our fun and fantastic MC. She does such a great job of telling what Zoe is wearing and keeping the show moving. Thanks Marci!

This year Ammon got all new clothes to go to Reagan Academy. They are all blue, tan, red, and white and "boring." He did not want to be a model until half way through the show. He made up his own costumes! This is only one. He was so fast it was hard to capture.
Britain and Kalixta wanted to be in it too. They had a good time! Next year will be fun because they will be started school and will have clothes to model!

Ari was not to be out done! At the end she put on Zoe's skirt and twirled and twirled!


A special thanks to our super photographer, Marie!! Our awesome videographer, Adam. Our great MC, Marci! And our wonderful audience Jordan and Michelle
And of course super models Zoe, Ammon, Britain, Kalixta, and Ariana!!!!


  1. guess who?

    This is the first year I have missed the Annual Fashion Show. What a disappointment. But you all look so cute.
    Grandma Mary

  2. andi

    great idea. I love that first picture of Zoe.

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