Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 30

Michael Sleeping

Michael went to sleep like this on the way home from picking everyone up for school! That orange tasted really good!

Nov 28

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving with Adam’s family! My parents went to Utah for the week. We started Wednesday night with Pie Night! A tradition we learned about from a friend! Since there is never room to really enjoy pie on Thanksgiving why not give it it’s own night! I made this yummy banana cream pie! An …

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Nov 25

Tori’s Team Soccer Party

Tori and her team got to be in a small AYSO parade! It was small and cheesy but she loved it! She smiled and waved at everyone! Love this cute team! She also had her team soccer party at Chuck E Cheese! She had a blast running around with her teammates and playing games! She …

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Nov 24

Sleeping Tori

My kids can sleep anywhere…and this picture proves it! She is in the closet! This is her current hiding place when she get mad or doesn’t want to talk, I can always find her in her! Guess I took too long today!

Nov 22

Happy Thanksgiving

Ammon had his final game today against the other undeafeted team! They were really tough and the Raiders ended up losing 0-14. It was a hard game to watch. The other team’s boys were all big and played a little dirty. But the Raiders played hard! Ammon with the team trophey. The Raiders still get …

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Nov 21

Nov Disneyland Trip

We had a great time yesterday on our November and final trip to Disneyland! Our passes expire the beginning of January and Adam is all out of days off! We have used them up! No regets though!! This year has been amazing! We discovered this new area of California Adventure that teaches you how to draw! They …

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Nov 19

Paint Twister

Nik, Zoe and Ammon have youth activities every Wednesday. Once a month they do something together. Tonight they played Paint Twister. I wasn’t there but I know they had a blast! Their clothes and hair say it all!

Nov 18

Apple Turkeys

Last night for Family Home Evening we also made our apple turkeys! The kids love making but mostly eating  their apples! For everyone marshmellow Michael put on he took 2 off! It was so funny to watch him battle eating or making!!  

Nov 17

Thankfful Wreath

Tonight for Family Home Evening we made our Thankful  Wreath! We laughed at things we wrote last year and thought up new ones for this year! We love how it turned out!! Tori was super sick with a fever but still thought of lots of things to be thankful for!! I am thankful for this …

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Nov 15

Ammon’s Camping Trip

Ammon gets to go on lots of adventures with the Boy Scouts! He has already learned lots of things and continues to learn! This weekend he went camping with his troop. They went repeling while they were out there! So much fun!!!

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