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Oct 31

Crazy Hair Day and a Peace Builder Award!!

My favorite school day is crazy hair day! The kids always have the own ideas about what they want. Britain wanted poof! Ammon didn’t know but liked the results! Kalixta looked great! Ariana loved her hair! Tori rocked her hair do! Kalixta was awarded the Peace Builder award this week! So proud of ┬áher!  

Oct 30

School Happenings

This week has been full of stuff at school! Britain’s class had the chance to go out to Channel Island University and learn about Dia de los muertos and see the library! She loved the huge library and was sad they had to sit for a story instead of exploring it! She came home with …

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Oct 28


We made some time, by ditching practices, to crave pumpkins as a family! We had a small window of time so we started gutting the pumpkins after school! Ariana and Tori were not big fans of putting their hands into all those guts! But they did it! Michael didn’t like it either and would only …

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Oct 27

Sugar Cookies

Grandma and Grandpa invited us over to make and decorate sugar cookies. There is nothing better than Grandpa’s sugar cookies! Everyone loves to roll out the dough. And put the cookie cutters in! Decorating is the yummiest! Michael was soooo into it! Britain and Kalixta’s are always very creative!  

Oct 25

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made a quick trip out to the pumpkin patch today after all the soccer games. It was very windy but we still had fun! I love my family! We are so excited for Halloween!

Oct 24

CI vs Rio Mesa

The Raiders played at Rio Mesa tonight. We thought it would be a good game but it wasn’t! Raiders turned the ball over 4 times! Every time the offense got something going they would lose the ball. Can’t win a football game like that! It seemed that everything went well for Rio Mesa. I didn’t …

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Oct 23

Fall Break

This week the elementary and junior high have had Fall Break! Yippee that means no school, unfortunately the high schools still have school and seminary so I am still up at 5 am! But still kids home all day no schedule equals fun for us! I am the mean Mom who schedules dentist and dr …

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Oct 22

Happy Birthday Marqus

Today is my nephew’s birthday! I was lucky enough to take him to lunch! Just me and him! Marqus is a very smart, funny, imaginative boy! It was so fun to talk and hang with him. We had lunch at his choice, Taco Bell. Then dessert….mmmmmmm! Love you Buddy!

Oct 21

Party! Party!

After soccer games on Saturday we rushed across town to help a few cousins celebrate their birthdays! October is a busy birthday month for our family! Adam’s sister Diane has 3 kids with birthdays this month! Jada and Monique turned 1 on the 15th and Marqus will be 6 on the 22nd. They had a …

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Oct 20

Happy 6th Birthday Tori!

My sweet fiesty Tori turned 6 today! I can’t believe it!! She got her perfect dinner of homemade chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and green beans! She only really really wanted one thing! A princess Sophia dress. That is what she got! And she LOVED it! She got lots of hugs and loves on her special …

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