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Sep 19


Ariana got her glasses today! She loves loves loves them and so does everyone else! She had a million and one questions for the lady helping her with her glasses. Including how old she was and how much she had to pay for her glasses! She asked her if she had any kids and why …

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Sep 17


Our milkweed plant has been at a friend’s house loading up with caterpillars. Adam brought it home and it had a ton!! Big ones and little ones! We check on our friends everyday! Many times a day in fact! Michael is their biggest fan and shows them off to everyone! Within a few days the …

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Sep 16

Puffer Fish

Each class at UPS has an animal name. Each class uses it a little different. Tori’s class name is the Puffer Fish. When Mrs. King talks to the whole class she calls them puffers. She is very creative and uses the name a lot. They made little puffer fishes to go in the window! Tori …

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Sep 15

Sunday Funnies

The Sunday comics are everyone favorites! Even Michaels! Sometimes the comics are being read by someone else so he has to improvise!

Sep 13

Soccer Saturday

Today’s soccer games went great and were lots of fun especially since Jeffy was there to watch them again! Ari’s played so hard today! It always amazes me when she gets around a bigger girl and steal the ball. She even got to try out goalie even though it wasn’t her favorite position! Tori had …

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Sep 12

CI vs Santa Barbara

Tonight’s game was close but didn’t end the way we wanted it to. 10-8 Santa Barbara Nik looked great tonight, but what else can a mother say! He played hard and I, as always, am proud! Max preps shows 3 catches for 50 yards, 9 tackles and a fumble recovery. He did cause the fumble …

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Sep 12

Ariana’s Glasses

Adam mentioned that he thought Ari needed glasses. I brushed the idea off for a few months but after a few different comments from Ariana I decided I needed to take her in. I called and made an appointment. She then went to the regular dr and failed the vision test so I then knew …

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Sep 11

Patriots Day

Every year at school there is a Patriot’s Day assembly! All the kids come out to the flag pole for a flag raising, talks of patriotism and a few songs. The kids each get to put a flower by the flag pole. I love that our school shows and teaches patriotism! Tori going back to …

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Sep 08

Beach Day

We spent the day at the beach with our out of town family! It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a ton of fun playing in the water and sand with Aunts, Uncles and cousins! Everything in life it a joy with this girl! We had to go clean up and warm up …

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Sep 07

Ariana’s Baptism

Saturday Ariana got baptized! She has waited so long, according to her she has waited her “whole life!!” She looked so cute in her baptismal suit! You can tell by that smile how excited she was! Ari and Daddy all in white! Ariana’s friend from our ward was baptized with her! Michael had to have …

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