Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 30


Before Nik’s game Friday Adam and I ran to Green Thumb to get another milk weed plant for our caterpillars! They ate all the leaves from the 2 we have and were crawling away looking for more food! The kids picked them all off the plant and waited for more food! Seriously there are so …

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Sep 29

Michael’s Pool Time

Michael loves to go to the pool! He loves to jump and swim and play! He is always trying to get me to go when the kids are at school! We have a blast when we go! Michael is so brave and just jumps into the water all the time now! He went from a …

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Sep 28

Birthday Celebration

After all the games yesterday we cleaned up and went to Adam’s parents house for birthday celebrations! Adam’s Dad’s birthday is Tuesday, then Ammon’s on the 3rd and Adam’s on the 8th. They are the 3 Buzz’s! Mike and Bubbles are family that had birthday in Sept! We loved celebrating with them! Ammon had Marqus’ …

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Sep 27

Soccer Games 9-27

I love sitting at Blackstock all Saturday going from game to game! I enjoy it much more than I thought I would! Michael has a great time hanging out too! Britain found her place on defense! She is so good! Kalixta is getting better and better each game! It is so fun to watch her …

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Sep 26

CI vs San Marcos

The Channel Island Raiders got their first win tonight, with a score of 17-14. It was a fun game to watch, of course. Michael always wants to go watch Nik play! Tonight was finally his turn to go to the game! He was so excited. We packed a few treats and a blanket and left! …

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Sep 25

Tori’s Creations!

Tori is loving school, though that is no shock to me! She has wanted to go for a few years! She loves sharing her new knowledge with us and love to teach Michael! She has done a few cute art projects! This is hanging above the sink in her classroom! Tori Appleseed! She did a …

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Sep 24

Tori’s Von’s Fieldtrip

Michael and I walked to Von’s with Tori’s class today. It was fun to see her with her friends and have a new experience with her! Earlier in the week they made orange tie die t-shirts for their field trip shirts! I love them! They got to scan an item at the checkout stand! They …

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Sep 23

Wig Fun

We are so excited Halloween is coming up! All the cool stuff in the stores is so fun to look at! Michael does get scared! He is not a fan of scary and can’t decide if he likes Halloween or not! We had fun trying on wigs and masks at the store the other day! …

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Sep 22

Soccer Week Sept 20th

Saturday was picture day in addition to the games so it started early, 7:30 early! The girls were champs though and we had a great full day! I did a group photo with all the soccer playing girls so I cannot wait to see how that will turn out! Britain did really well in the …

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Sep 20

CI vs Royal 9-19

Adam and I drove out to Simi Valley to watch Nik play Royal High School. CI lost again. It was a frustrating game to watch. They just don’t throw the ball enough. Max Preps has Nik with 2 catches for 21 yards, 4 solo tackles and 2 assisted tackles. He had another interception (woo hoo) …

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