Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 30

CI vs Nordoff

Nik played his first game last night! I love watching him play!! Nik was chosen by his team and then the coaches to be one of the team captains! Game time! Nik is number 8. He barely comes off the field. He even punts! Nik got CI’s first points on the board with an interception …

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Aug 29

Ari’s Check Up

Ari had her yearly check up yesterday. They decided what I already knew…that she is prefect! She charmed the whole office with her sweet genuine personality! I love these gowns!! She had her finger pricked with no tears! And thankfully no shots! A while ago Ammon knocked out one of her front teeth, two weeks …

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Aug 28

August Disneyland Trip

We made it down to Disneyland yesterday. It felt like it had been so long since we didn’t go in June and July. We had another great day! We tried something different this time. We drove down the night before and stayed in a hotel. It was nice to drive when all the kids were …

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Aug 26

Adam’s work party

After the soccer games we went out to Ventura to work party for Adam. We had a great time eating yummy food and relaxing and meeting all of his friends! The ribs were huge! Tori ate that whole thing too! There was an amazing face painter! Michael wanted to be a ninja turtle! Britain liked …

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Aug 23

Soccer Scrimmages

The girls all had their first soccer scrimmages today. They got to dress in their full uniforms so it was awesome! Britain and Kalixta are on the same team so they are both pink. Ariana just happens to be pink also and Tori is blue, she is a Blue Diamond! Tori had the first game! …

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Aug 22

Soccer Practice!

We decided to sign the girls up for AYSO soccer. ¬†Kalixta, Britain, Ariana and Tori are all playing! They all had their first practices this week. We found the cleats, shin guards and socks! They are all ready! Tori was super excited but she did not like shin guards! This is her unhappy face! She …

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Aug 21

High School First Day of School

Nik and Zoe started high school today! Nik started as a junior at Channel Islands High School. He wasn’t feeling great so it was a rough day though he had a great day visiting friends! Classes and teachers just got into the way:). Zoe is a freshman at Rio Mesa! She was excited and nervous …

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Aug 20


With all the younger kids in school I had a great time taking Nik and Zoe school shopping! I love hanging out with my sweet teenagers! They found plenty to do at Target. Selfies on the sample phones! Nik found a new look for Michael! Not sure what I think…. Nik finally got the cleats …

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Aug 19

Dr Appointment

Kids in school so lets go to the Dr! Yep poor Michael. That is pretty much what happened! They asked him to undress and put this little gown on! Too cute! The nurse gave him a glove to distract him from the finger prick and squeeze. He loved the glove until she held his finger! …

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Aug 18

First Day Of School 2014

The first day of school was excellent! Everyone had a great day! Ammon is my big 7th grader and the only one in junior high school this year! He was glad to go back to school and see friends! Kalixta, the fifth grader, is in the same classroom with the same teacher and she is …

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