Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 14

Zoe’s 8th Promotion!

Zoe graduated from 8th grade and junior high and is on to high school! WOW! All dressed and ready to go! They sat the graduates by height so Zoe was at the beginning walking in and sat in the back row. Each student had a special part in the ceremony. Zoe and three others introduced …

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Jun 12

Seminary Graduation

The school year is winding down! We are all so very excited!! Nik was thrilled to finish another year of Seminary last week! He has enjoyed sleeping in! Sunday night was Seminary Graduation! We are so proud of him for finishing this year. This is most of his class. Everyone was trying to take pictures…haha! …

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Jun 10

Happy Father Day!

A little early I know but while we are all gathered this weekend we celebrated Father’s Day for Adam’s Dad!! We love him so much and are so grateful he is a part of our lives! The kids love their Grandpa Buzz and field out a survey telling him all about himself! It is so …

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Jun 09

Birthday Celebration

Michael’s birthday is within a week of his Uncle Rhea and Aunt Diane’s birthdays. We were so lucky to get a visit from Adam’s brother Nick and his wife Donna and their daughter. Those factors point to a party! We had a great afternoon with great food. And our fabulous family! We sang happy birthday! …

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Jun 06

Reading Boy

Michael loves to do anything his brothers and sisters do! He will try what ever they do and he will be scared of whatever they are. It makes for some very silly situations! It also makes for some cute pictures! The kids love when the Oriental Trading Catalog comes! They sit and look at it …

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Jun 05


I took just Michael and Tori to the pool one sunny morning this week. It was so nice to be there when no one else was! They were so excited to be there with just me! Nik and Zoe have taken the kids to the pool the last few times so I was surprised out …

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Jun 02

Just like her Daddy

While cooking breakfast one morning I complained to ┬áBritain that I could never remember to clean the microwave when I wasn’t using it. We finished breakfast and went on with the morning. I took the kids to school and came home to find this note on the microwave! There was another one above the sink! …

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