Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 30


After 3 long years of being gone we are finally taking a trip down to Utah! We are all so excited! My parents are going too and took off early Monday morning. They took Ammon with them. He had lots of room to relax! He enjoyed some stops we don’t usually make! Meanwhile we were …

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Jun 29

Bread Making

Adam bought me a new toy!! Yep it is a Bosch! We have had lots of fun learning how to make bread! I love how it makes the house smell! Our favorite it straight out of the oven hot!

Jun 28

Summer Break

Here are a few fun pictures from our summer week! Ammon found a magnifying ¬†glass and paper! Happy day for this 12 year old! Everyday the kids do pages in their workbooks. Then they read for 60 minutes! Then we usually hit the pool! They hate sleeping in their own beds so the living room …

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Jun 25


We got this awesome sushi makers from the Strawberry Festival. We have had so much fun becoming sushi masters! Zoe gave Adam the headband. She said it made him look more official!  

Jun 23


Zoe is going to summer school so she is gone all morning. And of course Nik is gone so the first week of summer has been slow and relaxed. We went to the library and started the reading program there. The kids have to read an hour each day, though the girls end up reading …

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Jun 19

Bye bye Nik

For Nik’s birthday my sister bought him an airplane ticket to see her and her family and go to BYU Football camp. He left Saturday the 14th! It was so hard to see him go but he is so excited!! All packed and ready! Out the door! His flight got delayed 3 times! It was …

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Jun 17

Bike ride

Saturday Ammon and Nik went on a 50 mile bike ride! The young men and women in our ward are working to earn a trip to Hurricane Harbor. This is one thing the boys have to do! There was a sore butt! But they did it!!

Jun 17

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Before too many days past I need to post a big Happy Father’s Day to my Dad! My Mom made this awesome t-shirt quilt for Dad for Father’s Day and their Anniversary! Happy Father’s Day Dad! We sure love ya!!

Jun 16

Happy Father’s Day Adam!

Sunday after church we celebrated Father’s Day for Adam! He is a great father and the kids love showing him lots of love!!   The spoiled him with notes and cards and survey’s about their awesome Dad, a few treats and lots of love! Happy Father’s Day to My Love!!

Jun 15

Happy 3rd Birthday Michael!!

Michael turned 3 on Saturday! It has been so crazy with Zoe’s graduation, school, ending, summer offically starting and Nik leaving but no one could forget Michael’s birthday! He wouldn’t let us!! He was always asking or telling us it was tomorrow or telling me what he wanted. He loved every second of his big …

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