Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 29

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

We had a lot of fun checking out the rest of the museum while we were there! Tons to look at! It was a great morning! We all loved finding an Ammonite! There was a few activities too. The kids enjoyed finding fossils!  

May 27

Butterflies Alive Exhibit

We went down to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. We had free tickets and right now they have a Butterflies Alive Exhibit that I wanted to take the kids to. With all the fun they have had with our plants I thought they would love it…and I was right! There was a thousand …

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May 24

May Temple Trip

We made it down to the temple as a family this month! Only minus Nik. We try to go as a family and stay in the temple apartments once a month. Adam works in the temple Friday night and Nik, Zoe and Ammon go inside Friday night while I walk around with the other kids …

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May 23

Kindergarten Orientation

Tori and I went to Kindergarten orientation yesterday! What?! I can’t believe she will start school in the fall! She is so very ready. She is going to have a blast!!

May 22

Flour Socks

Every Wednesday my kids 12 and up to to activities at the church. Ammon does Scouts, Zoe does different Young Women activities and Nik does fun Young Men activities. Once a month they have a combined activity, all together! This month they made water balloons filled with jello and flour socks! Needless to say they …

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May 21

May Disneyland Trip

Yesterday we made our monthly trip to Disneyland! It will be the last one until probably August once the kids go back to school! All ready! The girls always bring their hats. Tram ride Since Nik’s birthday was last week I got him a birthday pin! And made him wear it! He had people telling …

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May 19

Strwberry Jam

Nothing like getting some free Oxnard Strawberries to put me in the mood to make jam! Tori and Michael loved cutting the strawberries for me to smash! I think Grandma Mary needs to make him a boy apron:)! Perfection!

May 18

Last Game CI vs Hueneme

Nik had his last baseball game on his birthday! It was great to get a win over Hueneme! He started as pitcher and did well. He pitched 2 innings and struck out 5 batters! He was actually being heckled by a Hueneme fans! I couldn’t believe it! An adult man giving a high school player …

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May 17

Activity Days Mother/Daughter Dinner

Activity days is for the girls 8-11 in our ward so right now that is Britain and Kalixta! They invited me to an etiquette dinner Wednesday ┬ánight! It was a lovely dinner which they served me and totally took care of me and learn some important reasons we have manners and manners! It was so …

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May 16

CI vs Pacifica

Baseball season is almost done! CI played Pacifica Wednesday. The last two games against them were great games! This one was no different! There was no fence or bleachers on this field. Nik was worried we would get hit by foul balls so he stood near us when he could to protect us! Nik had …

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