Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 30

Christmas Dresses

My Mom made the girls dresses for Christmas. They loved them of  course and wore them to church yesterday! Cuties! Britian and Kalixta love modeling for me! Thanks Mom for the love!!

Dec 29

Christmas With Basuas

Today we spent the afternoon with Adam’s family celebrating Christmas, again! It is always great to be with family! The kids got spoiled by their Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents! It was a great day and the kids loved loved all their gifts!! Thank you everyone! An exciting gift came from Grandpa and Grandma! The kids …

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Dec 27

Beach Bums

A visit from Utah family is never complete without a trip to the beach. Today was the perfect day to go since it was about 80*. Beautiful!! Collecting shells is always tons of fun! Uncle Joe braving the water with the kids. Michael and I enjoying the sand. Joe brought his paddle boards. Anyone who …

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Dec 26

Christmas with the Beck’s

We spent the afternoon with my family! Everyone is here from Utah but my brother Jason and his family. He is busy in San Francisco with BYU football! We had a great time just hanging out and playing and opening more presents! Grandma made this cute bag for Zoe! She also made this awesome family …

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Dec 25

Christmas Morning

Santa worked hard and left our house brimming with Christmas cheer! Santa even left a little note for the kids! There was also a present left for me from Santa! I was totally surprised in the morning and overcome when I opened it! Adam got me a new camera! Just typing this brings back all …

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Dec 24

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Adam’s family. We are so lucky each year to get a visit from Santa! He stops by for a few pictures and delivers a few presents! We all love it! Tori and Michael were totally into it! As you can tell Michael had no fears of Santa! He loved him! …

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Dec 23

Christmas Adam

Today is Christmas Adam in our family! It has been my family tradition for as long as I can remember! It is Christmas Adam because Adam came before Eve. hahaha! Cheesy? Yes! And I love it! We don’t do much but the kids love it, mostly because they get to sleep downstairs in front of …

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Dec 22

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Dec 18

Ice Skating

Nik, Zoe and Ammon went ice skating with their church youth group! They had a great time trying to skate. Nik really struggled the whole time! He tried his best though and it was so fun to watch him! Ammon was shaky at first but he got it quickly and was zooming around! Zoe had …

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Dec 09

State Tournament

As mentioned before Ammon’s team won first place in flag football. He and his team work hard and earned money to go to the state tournament in Carson, CA. Adam and Nik took Ammon, they left early in the morning for their first game which they won! Ammon had the first touchdown of the game …

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