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Nov 26

Turkey Apples

We always make apple turkey as a fun Thanksgiving tradition. This year we wanted to make them brown, according to Kalixta’s request, so we dipped them in carmel! Yum! Yum! Michael loved the whole idea…especially the eating!  

Nov 24

Update on Nik

I took Nik to the Orthopedic Surgeon that did his knee. He took x rays and checked him out. He put him in a sling for the rest of the week. Being silly with Grandpa’s glasses! Nik and I went another day for an MRI. Then another day back to the Dr for the results! …

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Nov 18

Eagle Award

Nik’s good friend earned the highest Boy Scouting Award. He is now an Eagle! We went to the Court of Honor to support him! Tori had to take a picture too! And Michael too! Congrats Manny!

Nov 18

Thankful Turkeys

Thanksgiving can not come with out Thankful Turkeys. I love to read what the kids write each year and see how their hands grow! Michael’s says airplanes & choo choo trains, Johnny Test, Bro Bradshaw’s cookies, Hot Cheetos Ariana’s says Family, Prophet, School, Love Britain’s says Pj’s, Mrs Randolph, Mrs Potato Head, Family Kalixta’s says …

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Nov 16

First Place Flag Football

Ammon’s team played their toughest competitors for first place. It was a great game! A close game! Ammon played great and had a blast!! I love watching him play! Ammon had a number of great catches and runs to help his team win!

Nov 15

CIF vs Santa Monica 11-15-13

CI headed to their first CIF game vs Santa Monica at Santa Monica. It was a good start and both teams were playing well. At the end of the first quarter Nik went out for and caught a beautiful 30 yard catch. After the catch he didn’t get up. It was agonizing to sit in …

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Nov 13


Michael is at the perfect copying age! He wants to do everything and anything the other kids do. The other night all the kids were in bed and Michael had a pen and notebook. I was ironing and hear him say, “Homework, my homework.” I asked him what he was doing and he repeated, “My …

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Nov 11

CI vs Hueneme 11-8-13

This was CI’s last league game. A win meant 2nd place in league. And they did it!! They beat Hueneme by a lot. The bummer part of that is that the starters sat out a lot of the game! So Nik didn’t play most of the last half, but we were happy with the win …

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Nov 08

Thankful Wreath

Adam found this cute idea that I loved so he stopped at the store and we did it for Family Home Evening. We made a Thankful Wreath. Zoe and Ammon cut out leaves for our wreath. We all wrote things we are thankful on each leaf! The girls then helped Adam pin them on the …

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Nov 05

Ammon’s game 11-2-13

Ammon’s team has continued to win and he loves loves playing football! Ammon played a great game and had TWO touchdowns! First he ran back a punt! It was a awesome run with lots of crazy moves! The second touch was a pass that he ran in! It was maybe 25-30 yards! It was great …

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