Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 25


Michael brings so much fun to our family! He is crazy, bright and so funny! He loves everything about life! He loves to bury himself in my pillows. On the bed or on the floor it doesn’t matter. Today I came into my room to hear him snuggling deep! Haha! Can you see him? After …

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Sep 24

Homemade Laundry Soap

I have seen homemade laundry soap a lot lately and have wanted to try it. The price difference alone seems worth the effort. I bought all the ingredients to make it for less than Tide and it makes many batches!! Today I did it! I made it! All finished! I have used it a few …

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Sep 23

Radiers vs Royal

Friday night the Channel Island Raiders played Royal. It has a rough, sloppy game in which CI lost! Again not great pictures but it is what I have to remember! Nik caught 5 passes for about 25 yards It was a home game so I went to the jv game to work in the snack …

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Sep 20

Potty Trained

Yep, it is true! At 2 years and 3 months Michael is potty trained. Ammon says it is all thanks to him! A month and a half ago at church Michael was getting really restless and so Ammon took him to get a drink. While at the drinking fountain Michael said he had to go …

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Sep 19

Tori reading

Tori loves to “read.” She has a few books memorized that she reads regularly, May I Please Have A Cookie┬áis one of her favorites. She also like to make up the story according to the pictures! There is even a few that she is actually learning to read. The other morning Tori and Michael were …

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Sep 18

Beach Time

Adam’s brother Nick and his wife Donna are here with their sweet little girl. I let the kids have half day at school so we could go hang out with them at the beach! We, of course, had so much fun! How we LOVE this family! Uncle Nicky played in the water with the kids! …

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Sep 17

Helping kids

All the kids love to help me cook. I have been trying to ┬áinclude them in the planning and prep on dinner each night. Tori and Michael didn’t even ask if they could help! They saw the corn and started taking care of it!! Tori even swept the floor up after they were done!

Sep 16

CI vs Santa Clara

Channel Island played Santa Clara Friday Sept. 13, yep Friday the 13th! It was a great game! We got the win 27-13. Nik caught a 2-point conversion. That is Nik there on the end, number 8. Adam was down on the field so the pictures are a little better but the lights were low so …

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Sep 11

Patriot’s Day

I love how UPS and UCMS celebrate Patriots Day! They teach the kids what patriotism is and why it is important. They teach the kids to respect all those who do serve or have served our country. And they teach them to respect and honor the flag. They have a big assemble together with both …

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Sep 10

Sunday Dinner

Once a month we have dinner at my parent’s house with the family! It is always great to be together! I love this boy all dressed for church! Grandma and Grandpa have the coolest magnets that the kids love to play with! Michael and I played with them forever!  

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