Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 29


Zoe is going to a week long camp with the young women in our church in August! In order to go the girls had a fundraiser to help earn enough money. They served dinner and then had a dessert auction! Zoe worked really hard and made lots of desserts to help earn money! Here are …

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Jun 28

628 Day

  Anyone who knows Adam knows his number! I met a friend of his from high school the other day. She hasn’t seen Adam since high school but remembered his number 628! So…. Adam always sends out an inspirational thought on his special day and today is no different! He has started a new blog! …

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Jun 27


The other day I went into Ariana’s room and got scolded for not knocking. You see there was a note on the door and I didn’t read and obey it!! Here is the note! Please Knock She then told me she had notes for all occasions! Adam and I had a good laugh at the …

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Jun 22

Father’s Day

We had a great Father’s Day!! My kids love to make cards and give love on this special day. I hope all the Dad’s in our lives felt the love!! Grandpa Buzz getting his cards! Grandpa John getting his love too! He was impressed with the origami balls Ammon made! The kids spoiled Adam by …

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Jun 18

Michael’s 2nd Birthday

Michael had a fabulous 2nd birthday! He got to celebrate many times and open presents many times!! And he loved it!! First we celebrated with Adam’s family!! He had a yummy ice cream cake and bbq chicken for dinner! Michael loves all food. He will try anything once and often surprises me with what he …

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Jun 12


We went to a cousin’s birthday party! He had a piñata! It has been a long time since the kids have had a piñata and they loved it!! This is Michael first encounter with one and he wasn’t too sure about it! He tried to hit it once but was content to sit and hang …

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Jun 11

Happy Birthday

We spent the Saturday celebrating Adam’s sister Diane’s birthday and her husband Rhea’s too! It is always great to be family! We had a blast hanging out and playing games!! Happy happy Birthday Rhea and Diane!! We love you guys!! Ariana sure loves her Auntie and Uncle! Birthday cards are personal and not to be …

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Jun 05

Love Reading

Ariana is a reading machine!! She loves loves to read! It is amazing to me how once they get it they really get it and they read everything in sight!! She reads all the traffic signs and asks questions when she doesn’t understand why they say what they say! She read a sign that said …

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Jun 04


Zoe had twin day at school. Her friend’s hair is curly so we curled Zoe’s hair! Tori wanted to be her twin so I curled Tori’s hair too! She love loved being like her big sister! The night before with their hair all wrapped! Before school the next day wearing semi-matching clothes!! Tori was so …

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Jun 03


Sorry I have been so awful about posting! My camera is dead!! It is the saddest thing ever!! My lack of post is due to the fact that I don’t have the pictures or don’t like the pictures I have! Plus life is just crazy busy! School is over in 9 days and I couldn’t …

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