Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 17

Feeding The Ducks

We went one day and fed the ducks during Spring Break! The ducks must have been fed already that day because they didn’t eat much of our bread but the kids still had a great time trying. Spending time with family is always the best too! Michael loved feeding the ducks and talking to them! …

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Apr 12

Homemade Pizza

We had a great time making pizza during spring break too! Anytime the kids get to help with dinner it is fun for them but this was a blast! We started with homemade dough! I even hand tossed the crust! Then everyone put their own toppings on! Even Michael decorated his! They all came out …

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Apr 11

Pier Walk

We walked down the pier when the Utah crew was here! I had a heart attack the whole way with Michael! He loved looking down over the edge! And he had no fear! He also thought is was fun to look through the cracks! Marie and KP trying to keep warm! There was a sea …

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Apr 10

Baby Eli

My sister Marie is a teacher in Utah. She had Spring Break last week, the same as us. She decided to come to sunny CA with Marci and her babies KP and Eli! My sweet sister-in-law Michelle, also a teacher on Spring Break came too! It was so great to see them! I miss them …

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Apr 09

Tori’s Bump

In November Adam and I noticed a bump on the inside of Tori’s lip. Two months later it was still there so I took her to the Dr, who told me to take her to the dentist, who told me to take her to the oral surgeon and have it removed! We went to the …

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Apr 06


The kids left notes and carrots for the Easter Bunny. They were thoughtful and very funny! In turn the Easter Bunny left a note for them and a scavenger hunt to go on! They had a blast finding the eggs and racing to the next egg. They found the treats in the closet all┬álabeled, smart …

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Apr 04

Confetti Eggs!

We had over 45 dozen confetti eggs this year!! It was awesome!! It just kept going and going! Tori wasn’t looking forward to the confetti eggs! All week she told me she didn’t want any eggs smashed on her head! But she did have a blast!! Ammon is so quick smashing eggs on everybody’s heads! …

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Apr 03

Egg Hunt

Adam’s sister got a pet bunny. The kids loved petting it and seeing it but only Britain and Kalixta were able to brave it’s nails! The Easter Egg Hunt was so fun!! The kids had a fun time running around searching for eggs!! They are all too fast to get any but after pictures of! …

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Apr 02

Coloring Easter Eggs

We have had such a busy and fun weekend!! It started by dying Easter Eggs with the family! Michael did not want to dye the eggs by putting them in the dye. He wanted and loved painting them! He would brush the egg a few times and be done! We had to re-dye his eggs …

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