Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 27

My Comedian

Michael is so funny! He is constantly doing things on accident and purpose to crack me up!! ┬áHe has a silly,┬ádetermined, destructive personality that comes out in all he does!! The other night at dinner he put his bowl on his head! He would not let anyone touch it! He will only wear hats or …

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Mar 24


It is no secret that Adam loves rhino. The kids know that and point out anything rhino. They draw him pictures with rhinos every birthday and Father’s Day! The other day Kalixta was playing with legos and made…you guessed it, a rhino! She was so proud!! I love my thoughtful creative kids!!

Mar 22


Britain and Kalixta are in the same class right now for the first time ever! It is interesting. I liked Britain’s teacher so much and so I moved Kalixta into her class after Christmas break. There are ups and downs to it. One up is that for their biogrpahy book report I had to go …

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Mar 21

Leprechaun Day

The hardest thing about not blogging is starting again! Sorry I have been away for so long. So many things are going on that I don’t want to miss them. Blogging about them helps me remember! So here we go! St Patrick’s Day was very anticipated at our house! Green Church clothes were picked out …

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