Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 30

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Adam’s family! There is always lots of laughing and good times when we are all together! Santa did not disappoint the kids! He stopped by to give them a few gifts and get lots of love! He got lots of hugs from Ariana and Tori! Santa didn’t get any love from Michael! …

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Dec 27

Christmas Pj’s

Christmas Eve we stopped to visit my Grandma. She always gets our family new Christmas jammies. She picked the perfect pj’s for Zoe! She loved her footies pj’s! Britain and Kalixta loved loved their jammies too! ‘ Tori loved her’s so much she insisted they were clothes and that she could wear them anytime! Grandma …

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Dec 26

Ginger Bread Houses

We had a wonderful wonderful Christmas! So great that it will take me a few days to document it all! Each year we all look forward to making ginger bread houses together. This has been Marci and Kenny’s Christmas present to the kids for the last five years! This year was no different but we …

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Dec 18


So much goes on in the month of Dec that it is hard to keep track, but I had to post this! Nik had his football banquet at CI last week! He was awarded the MVP award for the JV! He led the team in touchdowns, receptions, yards, tackles and a few things I know …

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Dec 17


Saturday night was our Christmas Party at church. It was a Polar Express theme and looked amazing. The decoration were beautiful and the food was delicious!! We each had a ticket to get in and super cute train workers escorted us to our seats! Kinda blurry of Nik but I didn’t get a better one:( …

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Dec 16

Temple Lights

I took the kids down to see the Los Angeles Temple lights while Adam was on his business trip! We all love going to the temple and seeing it all lit up with Christmas lights is extra special. The feeling there is best feeling ever! The kids walked around the temple with My Mom, Kylie …

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Dec 10


Michael is a silly boy! He has a crazy silly fun personality and cracks me up constantly! He is learning new words and expressions everyday! I can’t imagine a day with out him!! Yesterday I found a package of candy empty in the pantry. I pulled it out and asked all the kids who ate …

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Dec 05

Christmas Tree Craft

Tori wants to go to school so badly and I want to just keep her here with me!! So I try to do school and craft things just with her! Any and all painting is the best!! Yesterday Michael took a nap in the early morning so he wasn’t ready for an afternoon one so …

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Dec 04

Another First

Michael had a first that I could have missed! Michael drew on the wall for the first time this week! He was quite proud of his art! Thankfully it was just pencil and it came right off! With all the pencils, crayons, and pens all over this house I am afraid this is the first …

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