Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 28

Christmas Tree

We got the Christmas Tree up and all decorated! I love the smell of our fresh tree! The tree is right in front of the window! I have always wanted that but it has never worked out. I love this view! Now I just have to keep Michael away!  

Nov 20

Apple Turkeys!

All the kids have this whole week off! Yeah!! I love no school. It gives us time to relax and do stuff we usually don’t have time to do! Monday for Family Night we made apple turkeys and then watched Rudy!! Such a good movie! Ammon made a crazy two headed turkey! Ariana’s turkey Tori …

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Nov 19

Guess Who Lost A Tooth?!

Ariana! Ariana lost her first front tooth Saturday night! She has been waiting “years” to lose her tooth!! Haha!! Her tooth has been loose for a little while! She would come see Adam every night and open big to see if it was ready to get pulled out! He hasn’t wanted to hurt her ¬†so …

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Nov 17

Busy Talking Boy

Michael is talking more and more!! It is so fun to hear him copy and repeat words! His newest word is “Cheese!” He says it with this face whenever the camera is out! Problem is he is so busy I can barely get it! I took this video over a month ago. You can hear …

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Nov 16

Thanksgiving Turkeys

We made our thankful turkeys Monday night! Besides the food this is my most favorite Thanksgiving tradition!! I love seeing what everyone is thankful for and how that has changed! I also love to see the growth in hands over the year!! Kalixta and Britain made Thankful Turkeys with their awesome Activity Day’s leader last …

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Nov 15


Last Monday we were waiting for a friend to come over when Tori and Michael climbed on a block and fell over! They both cried but stopped with hugs and love! Tori ran to answer the door and I noticed a few drops of blood on the floor! Yep, Tori split her head open a …

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Nov 07

Knee Surgery

Nik had his knee surgery one week ago today! Yes on Halloween, poor kid! He had to be at the hospital at 8:30. Surgery at 10:30. The Dr. came late and started late. The surgery was 2 hours so he came out at 2:30 All ready to go! The Doctor signed his knee so there …

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Nov 01

Happy Halloween!!

The kids had a great Halloween! They literally spent the day counting down the hours until they could get ready to go out! Ariana was my little Blue! Tori was a sweet¬†ballerina! Tori and Ari went trick-or-treating with their cousins Tatiana and KP! The girls had a blast taking turns ringing the door bells! They …

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