Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 31


The kids had a great time picking pumpkins! Michael thought they were just a bunch of balls and loved rolling and throwing them! He now says the word pumpkin (pumpin)! Michael didn’t want anything to do with the pumpkin once the top came off! Daddy had to do all the dirty work! Tori thought the …

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Oct 30

Glitter Pumpkins

Britain and Kalixta made the cutest glitter pumpkins with Aunt Kylie at Activity Days! They loved the whole process and they turned out super cute!

Oct 29


I saw the cutest little bats on Pinterest that I just had to try! First the kids painted. Always fun!! Then we put eyes and a ribbon on them to hang them up!! All my little bats flying above the table!  

Oct 28

Nik Did It Again!!

I wish I could say that Nik had his best game ever! That he scored the winning touchdown again! That he sacked the quaterback again! That he had the game changing play, again! But I can’t! Two Fridays ago Nik dislocated his knee cap, again! He started out having a great game, two tackles for …

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Oct 25

Tori’s 4!!

Poor Tori had her birthday almost a week ago and I am barely blogging it! But it was a happy happy birthday!! Tori is now 4!!! Tori has been waiting for her birthday since Ariana had her’s in July!! She loved every minute of her special day and all the attention she got! Grandma Mary …

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Oct 19

Where’s Michael? Boo!

Michael is 16 months now! He is at such a fun age where he loves to mimic and do everything the kids do! A while ago the kids taught Michael to play peek-a-boo! He loves it! Now all we have to say is, “Where’s Michael?” and he will cover it eyes! Sometimes he covers his …

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Oct 17

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday! My Mom is amazing and I am so happy we were here for her birthday! We had cake and ice cream on Sunday! She got lots of love and homemade gifts and cards from the kids! Ammon made her some Halloween origami! Happy happy birthday Mom!!! We love you tons!! …

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Oct 12

Game Day

CI’s coach took some pictures from the side line and posted them on¬†Facebook¬†today so I thought I would share them!! Fridays are so fun!! Nik is number 42!

Oct 11

Pumpkin Crafts

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to do fun crafts with the kids!! We love doing anything with pumpkins! This first idea came from Adam and we did it for family night last week! I didn’t get any pictures because it was pretty messy and therefore super fun! And …

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Oct 10

Ammon Crossed Over

When a Cub Scout turns 11 here there is a short crossing over ceremony. This is where the Cub Scout crosses over and becomes a Boy Scout! Since Ammon’s 11th birthday past he got to participate in this ceremony at Pack Meeting last week! He walked across a bridge with the Scout Law and Scout …

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