Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 22

Back To School Fashion Show

We had our yearly Back to School Fashion Show Monday night! The girls love love showing off their new school outfits! Zoe was our super awesome announcer! Ariana bounced down the runway in her pink shirt and black and white skirt! I was surprised how shy Britain was during the fashion show! Kalixta was even more shy …

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Aug 21

First Day of School

The first day of school came waaaaaaaay too early for me! I love having the kids home with me and no schedule! We can wake up when we want, go to the pool everyday and just relax! The kids were ready to start though and so very excited for this day to come!!! Ariana has …

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Aug 10

Scout Camp

Ammon had the chance to go to scout camp this year! He got to go all day for five days!! It was a fun filled camp where he did and learned a lot!! He got to go rock climbing! All strapped up and ready to go! The boys called these monkey arms or bungie jumping! …

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Aug 09


A few more memories from our fun days at the Fiesta! Tori was able to go on a few big girl rides!  She was tall enough and so she was determined to go on it! She was so excited! I was a little worried that the ride would spin too fasat for her! Her pose …

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Aug 02

Face Painting and Barry Bonds

The kids have to get their faces painted at the Fiesta! I like to do it first thing Saturday morning so they can have it all day long! Tori asked for a heart since she loves the Fiesta! Zoe got a cool ice cream come! Ariana thought that was a good idea and got one …

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Aug 01

Friday Fiesta Time

If you follow my blog at all you know every July we go to the Fiesta at Adam’s Mom and Dad’s church! It is a fun filled weekend! The kids look forward to this weekend all year!! The spinning tea cups are always a favorite! This year Marie, Marci and KP joined us for all …

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