Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 31

The Boys

Having KP here gives the boys one more on their team! All the kids are so sweet and love KP so much! We hate that we live so far apart! Nik swinging with the little guys! Ammon loves to goof around with KP. He got down on his hands and knees so that KP could …

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Jul 27

The Beach

The beach is a must during the summer! It is an even bigger must when family is visiting from Utah! We spent the afternoon at the beach with Marci, Marie and KP! KP loves loves loves his auntie Marie! Tori brought this colorful umbrella to the beach with her! It made for a cute little photo …

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Jul 26

Shooting Range

We have a wonderful couple who have adopted our kids as their grandkids! They took 6 of the kids to Home Town Buffet the other night! He brings Oreo cookies to them almost every Sunday! They all sit on the back sofas after church and eat them! They are so sweet and wonderful! He is …

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Jul 25

On the Roof

We went to my parent”s house one day to visit with my cute little nephew and my two sisters. When we got there KP was on the roof! My kids quickly joined him!   Britain’s up to her posing again! She is a nut, I know!!! I love how protective Tori is being of KP! …

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Jul 24

Kalixta’s 2nd Grade Year!!

Zoe teased me for being so late on my posting! So I apologize but my blog is the only way I remember things! So I have to be sure to blog about the important milestones even if they did happen last month! I was really worried about Kalixta starting a new school! She had such …

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Jul 23

8th Grade Graduate!!!

Nik graduated from 8th grade on June 14th! There was no ceremony for Nik because he choose to attend a church Youth Conference that started on the day of the promotion! It was a hard decision, maybe mostly for me but he did it and I am so proud of him! He missed the last …

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Jul 20

July 4th

We started the 4th with a flag raising ceremony and pancake breakfast! We spent the day at the pool and made a yummy yummy red, white and blue treat! Once it was dark we got out the sparklers! The kids loved loved the sparklers! The best part of the day!! At first Michael was stunned by …

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Jul 19

4th Of July

We had a wonderful laid back fourth of July! We started celebrating Saturday night by painting patriotic nails!! I loved how they looked! Zoe and I searched the internet for fun ideas! Ariana thought her nails where adorable!! Britain and Kalixta had the same but different nails! Zoe picked the most elaborate ones and the …

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Jul 12

Ariana’s 6th Birthday

Ariana has been waiting and waiting for her birthday! We finally had to make a count down chain because I was tired of counting the days on the calendar with her! She would ask multiple times a day!! She loves her birthdays! She loved her birthday meal. This year is was bbq chicken with bbq …

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