Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 31


Ammon loves origami! He is constantly making it! He sets up little stores and makes them for the whole family! He is very good and can make a lot of different things. He often makes origami as gifts for birthdays and such! On Mother’s Day he made Sis. Lovstedt an origami heart box! Sis. Lovstedt …

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May 30


We moved into a gated community that has a pool! This might be the greatest thing that has ever happened!!! We go to the pool every chance we get! Since we are still in baseball season that hasn’t been as much as I like but we have been there a few times!! The kids all …

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May 22

Michael’s Walking

Michael is a pro at walking! He now walks more than he crawls! He is getting so fast! It is so bitter sweet for me! I wanted him to walk waaaay late so he could stay my little baby, but he has refused! He has to be big just like his siblings and so off …

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May 18

Kalixta The Poet

Kalixta wrote this poem describing herself! It is so sweet. I love it!! I love this tender peek into what Kalixta thinks of herself!   Kalixta Shy, pretty, brown eyes and hair A student on Mrs Hoyle Daughter of Adam and Melissa Who loves swimming, science and school Who feels excited about a new house …

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May 17

Nik’s 15th Birthday!

Nik turned 15 this week! I know I say this every birthday, but dang I can’t believe it! He got lots of love from all his family and friends! Thank you so much!! He got to celebrate four days in a row!! He loved his ice cream cake! He is a little embarrassed with all …

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May 09


Ammon had a HOMERUN Saturday at his game!! I couldn’t be more proud of my Ammon! Michael is a big fan of Ammon! He is all over the place causing trouble but pauses often to clap for his big brother!        

May 04


Nik is almost done with 8th grade! It is crazy to think he is almost in high school! The 8th grade voted  for superlatives last week. He was voted Best Dressed and Most Spirited! They were only allowed to be two superlatives other wise he would have won Best Athlete too. He was a little …

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May 03


We moved!! Our house has four rooms and 2 and 1/2 bathrooms. We are loving loving it!!! As soon as I get more stuff put away I will post pictures!:) The half bathroom is downstairs. Adam and I decided that  no one can use that bathroom so that it will remain clean when guests come …

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May 02

Hair Cut!

We spend a lot of time in the car! The school the kids go to is a little less than 20 minutes away. It is a great school and I am very thankful that my kids go there, but it does mean a lot of driving. Tori gets especially bored in the car. She does …

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