Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 29

Hula Hoop!

Ariana has discovered hula hooping!! She has been practicing and working hard to learn how to do it!! She is sooo fun to watch and has improved tons! My favorite part of watching her hula hoop is her tongue! She sticks it out with concentration and sometimes even moves it back and forth! So here …

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Mar 28


Tori loves to do her homework! When we are driving in the car she will tell everyone “Sssssshhhhhh! I am doing my homework!” It is too cute! Last week at one of Ammon’s games I showed her how to spell MOM. She wrote it for me! The M’s are a little funny but I love …

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Mar 27

Shaving Cream Art

I saw this idea on another blog and I didn’t think it was going to work, but I was wrong! It worked and the pictures looked beautiful!! And the kids had a blast! It all starts with shaving cream! Anything with shaving cream is way fun! Then we added a little food coloring, yes food coloring! …

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Mar 22

Rainbow Pictures

The Friday before St. Patty’s Day the kids had off so we had to do an art project!! My idea was just a rainbow out of torn colored paper, but my little artists took it to a whole new level! Britain added a leprechaun under the rainbow and a big pot of gold! Kalixta added …

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Mar 21

Crawling Boy!!

Michael is such a crawler!! He can get any and everywhere he wants! He loves being able to go, go, go! And that is what he does! He goes under, over or through as many obstacles as he can! I made this video a week ago just to remember my sweet crawling boy!!  

Mar 19

St. Patrick’s Day

We had a super fun St. Patrick’s Day! The kids woke up and had rainbow pancakes! Tori thought the pancakes were amazing!! We were supposed to have opening ceremonies for the boys’ baseball but it rain and all that got canceled! The kids were a little bummed and a little bored since they couldn’t go …

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Mar 15


The girls have become quite the cheerleaders watching so many sports games throughout their lives. It seems like the last year has been filled with them! Nik has had real cheerleaders at his football and basketball games this year! The girls have watched them all year and have become good friends with them! The cheerleaders love …

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Mar 14

Basketball Champs!

Nik played basketball for his school, UCMS! He had a lot of fun playing! He has a lot of natural talent but has never really played. It was a big learning experience for him! Nik averaged 11 points a game and 15 rebounds a game! He had a few assists and turnovers each game too! Kalixta …

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Mar 09

Shamrock Art Project

Adam took Nik and Ammon to watch Stars Wars in 3D so I thought I would do something fun with the girls! I asked Zoe what she wanted to do! Her response was an art project and then go get ice cream! Done!! I love that she wants to do art projects!! With St. Patrick’s …

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Mar 08

Ammon’s Playing Basketball

Ammon played basketball for the school this year too! He had a lot of fun and really learned a lot and improved tons! Ammon was a little hesitant at the beginning of the season. The first couple games he passed the ball quickly, but he gained skills and confidence and by the third game he …

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