Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 15

Our Special Valentines Day

We all had a great Valentines Day yesterday. For me it was a day filled with love and a deep appreciation of all that I have! My kids are my world and I love them more than I can put into words! Watching them enjoy the little things everyday brings me joy, but watching them enjoy the …

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Feb 14

Valentines Day

Sending all of our loves, hugs and kisses to you this Valentines Day! Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 11

Pierced Ears

About 6 months ago Britain asked me if she could get her ears pierced. Kalixta was right behind her in wanting her’s pierced too. I don’t have an age at which I let the kids do things. I think each child is a little different but I don’t want them doing something simply because everyone …

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Feb 10

I love BBQ Chips!!!

We had chips Saturday for dinner. Ariana screeched “I love bbq chips!” Zoe gave they typical response, “So why don’t you marry it!” Ariana responded, “I can’t! It doesn’t have any eyes or nose or mouth or legs or arms!” I thought that was the end of it until I saw Zoe bent over a chip …

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Feb 07

Kalixta and Britain Baptism

Britain and Kalixta choose to be baptized! They have been looking forward to this day for a while! Saturday was the big day! The baptism was at 4 o’clock. They thought that was waaaay too late in the day! They wanted it to come sooner! About 11 Britain started carrying around a clock with the …

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Feb 02


Michael’s teeth are coming in! This makes for a slobbery, fussy baby! He may be even cuter with those two little teeth sticking out! Too cute, right?! I love when Michael makes this face. He does it all the time and it always makes me smile! And one more just cause I love love love …

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