Monthly Archive: November 2011

Nov 22

Apple Turkeys

Apple turkeys are a new tradition from last year. Kalixta learned how to make them in her school class and loved showing us last year. Everybody remembered making them and wanted to do it again this year. Kalixta was so pleased that everyone liked “her” idea! Ammon helped Michael make his turkey!Tori got help from Kalixta because all …

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Nov 21

Thankful Turkeys

We finally did our yearly Thankful Turkeys! It took me so long to get to it that we had to do them all by ourselves. But we did it and I LOVE how they look!!! I love to hear what the kids are thankful for too! Nik is thankful for Football and Baseball, Family, Mommy …

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Nov 19

Temple Trip

Last month we started our temple trips! The LA Temple has apartments right next to the temple that they rent out for very cheap! Adam works in the temple Friday night and Nik goes too. I go the next morning very early! It is wonderful to be there as a family!! Last month before the …

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Nov 18

Itcus the Iguana

Jeff and Kylie found this cute baby iguana outside their apartment! They of course took it in and made it their pet! The kids love Itcus! They love to hold or at least look at him! And they are always concerned about him!! Tori doesn’t like to hold Itcus! But she loves to look at …

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Nov 17

Sun Glasses

Tori is always doing weird things to Micheal. This time she gave him her sun glasses! They are the wrong color, BUT they still look adorable on him!! This just makes me smile!

Nov 16

Flag Football Champs!

Nik had his Championship Flag Football Game Monday night! He had a great game with two touch downs, lots of catches and runs and a few passes! There were tons of people there and it got really crazy!  They won the game and got a huge trophy! Go UCMS!! Nik had lots of people come …

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Nov 14

The Beach

A day off and we are at the beach!! We love love love going to the beach! Fall break started off ugly so we stayed away from the beach. The week ended on a high note and was gorgeous so we went to the beach! The beach was perfect! There was NO wind! It was …

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Nov 11


Last week was the kids’ fall break. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kylie took us all bowling!! The kids have never been before and they had a great great time! Tori loved getting the ball all by herself and pushing it down the guide! She would use both hands, then another time just one hand, and …

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Nov 10

Flag Football

Nik convinced me to let him play flag football for his school. It has made a lot of long days getting him from one practice to another. BUT it has been so fun watching him play! He is awesome! He plays on the offense! He has ran in and caught LOTS of touchdowns! He even plays …

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Nov 04

Reading Kids

Every night the kids read! Someone always ends up reading to Michael! He loves to listen to them and look at the pictures! The kids all love to read to him!Love that hat, right?!  

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