Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 21

Emergency Preparedness

We all went to an emergency preparedness clinic on Saturday! The kids had a fun time exploring fire trucks! They spent most of their time jumping!They also got their faces painted by an amazing artist!Gotta love that mom one!!My beautiful butterfly!Michael got his face painted for the first time!!Him and Zoe were matchy matchy!!A puppy face for …

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Sep 20


Two years ago I started my height measurement tradition. I lined the kids up oldest to youngest to track their growing. As the years go by this will be so fun! It is already fun to see who has grown and who looks like they haven’t! So this is 2011! 2010 2009

Sep 14

3 Months

It is so very hard to believe that Michael is three months already! He has been lots of places. He has to endure a lot daily too! He enjoys being in his car seat which is good because we are always in the car taking some one some where! Someone (mostly Ammon) is always taking …

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Sep 12

Football Game!

Nik had his first football game Saturday! It was a great game. I love watching football! I love being in the stands and watching the cheerleaders! Makes me feel like a teenager again! Except that I am surround by noisy little kids calling me Mom :)!!! Yep, that is Nik, number 90! Doesn’t he look HUGE?! Nik …

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Sep 10

Ammon’s Fabulous Blog

I went to a jump place called Sky High. My Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kylie, and Aunt Marie took me and my sisters. There are lots of trampolines. You can just jump or do flips on them. In one of the places I played dodge ball. In another room I got to jump into a foam pit! I …

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Sep 09

Tori and Mommy

Since all the big kids are in school all day and Michael spends a lot of the morning sleeping, Tori and I have been spending lots of time together! We both really like this time! I enjoy the funny things that she comes out with! She is always cracking me up! She likes to cook …

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Sep 08


We had a great three day weekend! We spent lots of time with family and friends. We went to a friends house and had lunch and played in the pool. Kalixta left her soda out and after she played in the pool she went to get a drink! Well, there was a bee IN the …

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Sep 07

Can he get any cuter?!?!

Seriously this boy is adorable and getting to be so much fun!!! He is all dressed cute for church!I love these shoes Jeff found at the thrift store!Playing with Mommy!Smiling!Peek A Boo  

Sep 06

Going Short!

For the most part I let the girls decide how long or short they want their hair! Sometimes I can steer them in the direction I want them to go with their hair, but the older they get the more the want and can decide what they want! I like all the girls to have …

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Sep 03


Before we get too much father from summer I have to blog and remember The Fiesta!! Every year we go to the Fiesta at Adam’s Dad and Mom’s church!! They spoil the kids (and us) with lots of ride tickets and yummy food! There is always lots of pizza from the Pizza Lady! This year …

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