Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 30

Sunday Clothes

Michael was all dressed up and went to church Sunday! He looked super cute in his little tie! I love his mad face!! Watch out!

Jun 28

Kindergarten Ready!!!

Ariana went to the Dr today and is now officially ready for kindergarten! I made the appointment and then put off telling her about it so she wouldn’t get upset. As usual my worries were for nothing! She was excited to go to the Dr even when she heard she was getting shots! She went …

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Jun 25


I don’t know where these little glasses came from but oh my how I like them!!! Ammon took these pictures for me! The poses were his idea too! Too cute!

Jun 24

Tori and Michael

Tori adores her Baby Michael. I always worry about how bringing home a new baby will affect the current baby. Tori is very head strong and I was more than a little worried about her but she has put all my fears to ease! She is a sweet, sometimes gentle, loving big sister. She loves …

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Jun 21


There are so many things I love about about my little newborn. His hands. His toes! His squishy faces! And of course his hair! Michael has the cutest cowlick in the front of his hair. It goes is a little circle! I am totally in love with this kid!

Jun 20

Happy Father’s Day

We celebrated Father’s day a week early so Adam could receive all the love his deserves on his special day. He had his choice of dinner and dessert. He asked for ice cream cake that Zoe loved helping make! He got lots of treats from all the kids! Lots of cards too. Tori planted herself …

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Jun 18

Introducing Michael!

The kids were so so excited to come to the hospital to meet their baby brother. The oldest five were there just an hour after he was born. When we called the kids to tell them Michael was a boy, Zoe automatically asked, “Is it a boy?!” She was pretty happy when I answered YES! …

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Jun 17

It’s A Boy!!!

Who wouldn’t have guessed?!?! Well, I kinda knew but I was still completely blown away when the nurse told us that it was what I thought and the Dr. laughed that the boy was peeing on him! We are home, happy, and loving our Michael Beck Basua!! There will be more details and pictures later …

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