Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 30

Tori’s ABC’s

The other night all the kids except Tori were in bed and I was on the computer. She wanted to play the ABC’s so I got her all set up. She was playing and laughing and having a fun time. She completed a game and the reward was two kangaroos singing the ABC’s she played …

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Mar 26

Ariana’s Snow Day!!

It snowed yesterday. Big huge snowflakes! It made me feel like we were in December not March. Ariana walked into the kitchen and saw the snow. She got so excited and exclaimed, “That is the most beautiful snow EVER!!” It is hard to not like the snow with that much enthusiasm around!! She had to get …

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Mar 21

Computer Time

The computer is a hot commodity in our house. Everyone wants to play on it. Even the little girls. My mother in law sent me this fun website that teaches the ABC’s. It is called Tori loves it!! It is so fun sitting next to her and listening to her talk back to the computer. Sometimes …

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Mar 18


Wednesday night I was at my friends house with the kids. Nik wanted to go home so I let him walk. About 20 minutes later Adam calls me saying Nik really hurt himself and I needed to come home and take him to the ER! I was super worried and hurried home. Nothing prepared me …

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Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We had a super fun day dressing in green, eating corn beef and green mashed potatoes. We had green soda with our dinner. We enjoyed delicious mint brownie cupcakes after dinner made by Tori and Ariana! Adam worked hard making and setting a trap to catch a leprechaun! He was successful! He caught the leprechaun …

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Mar 14

Spirit Week

Crazy hair day was just one of the fun days last week! The kids really get into spirit week  because any excuse not to wear their uniform is a great one! Monday was Crazy Sock Day! They also had Crazy Hat Day! And Decade Day! They had a lot of fun with this day too! …

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Mar 09

Crazy Hair Day

This week at the kids’ school it is spirit week. Today is my favorite of all those days, crazy hair day! It is everyone’s favorite. I have to say, my kids looked AWESOME!! Zoe had a bunhawk!! Ammon had half spiked and half neat! I love it! Britain loved her do! Zoe said Kalixta had …

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Mar 08

19 Year Anniversary

Today is the 19th anniversary of Adam joining the church! I decided that this was a day to celebrate! I wanted to do a fancy dinner that would be reminiscent of when he was baptized! I also wanted to make a delicious dessert to help everyone remember what a special occasion that was. BUT Tuesday is my day to …

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Mar 07

Balloon Animals!

My sister, Marci, was in charge of a carnival activity at church. She asked Adam to do balloon animals. He hasn’t done them in a while so he needed a little practice! All the kids were happy to play with all his experiments and practices! Here are a few of my favs! A bunny A flower corsage! …

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Mar 05

Wacky W

I was able to do preschool this week because a cute little baby was sick! Poor guy! I loved how it worked out because I got W week and we celebrated Dr. Seuss. We had so so much fun. I love to watch Ariana interact with her friends. I love to see her learn and …

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