Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 28

Nine People In February

This is a picture and a day to remember. We are down on the court after the BYU Women’s basketball team became MWC Conference Champs!!! It was a great game in which they were down by 19 points to come back and win. It was also a great game because my Mom was in town …

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Feb 25

Tori’s Animal Faces

Tori loves to make animal noises!! It is the best distraction when she is melting down. I love it! I just ask her what sound a certain animal makes and she is off and running!! Another favorite thing of hers to do is make animal faces! I love her fishy face! Her monkey face is …

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Feb 24

Tiger Tails

Last night for fun we made tiger tails. Adam sent me this link. Marshmallow, caramel, and chocolate, who can say no to that?! First we unwrapped the caramels. Zoe colored the sugar orange. We put three marshmallows on a skewer that had the pointy part cut off. Then we rolled them in melted caramel! The …

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Feb 23

Too much time!!

These are the crazy things that happen around our house a day off!! Zoe is behind the camera egging him on!! Love my goof balls! Sorry Denise! I will wash the bucket, I promise!!

Feb 22


Kalixta and Britain got fleece blankets for their birthdays. The kind you tie by yourself. They love them and were so excited to make them. Life being what it is, it took me until yesterday to get to them. The kids didn’t have school so we sat down and cut and tied them. They had …

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Feb 21

Go Nuggets!

Ammon’s team is called the Nuggets and they are doing well. He is really having a great time playing and learning a lot! The best thing happened Saturday at his game when he made a basket!!! He was so excited and turned and looked at me first thing!! The ball was loose on the floor, …

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Feb 19


Thanks for all the sweet comments and emails. We are super excited to be welcoming another little babe into our home. We used this shirt to announce to the kids we were expecting. Zoe couldn’t believe it! Nik is super duper excited! Ammon says he will be excited only when it comes out a boy!! …

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Feb 16


Tori has an announcement!!!

Feb 15

Crazy Jammies

I just had to post another picture of Tori dressing herself. Yesterday she put her jammies on all by herself! Here are the funnies to notice. She is wearing Ari’s pajamas. They are on backwards. They are both tops, which means that she has one leg through an arm hole and the neck hole is …

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Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! We had fun at our house eating heart shaped pizza! And watching Despicable Me! So cute!!! Opening Valentines from school! Getting Valentines from Daddy! Hope your day is just as great! Happy Valentines Day! Especially to my sweet Valentine! Love you!!

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