Monthly Archive: January 2011

Jan 31

Nine People In January

I saw this idea on my friend’s blog at the beginning of last year! She called it six people in whatever month it was. Six cause that is the size of her family! I watched her do it and thought what a cute idea! Then someone asked me for a family photo and I didn’t …

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Jan 30

My creative Ariana

I went to tuck Ariana in one night and found this note she had Adam write on her door! I had a good little chuckle and later asked Adam if he wrote down exactly what she had said. He said he had to paraphrase because she talked for about 5 minutes! That is my talker! …

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Jan 27

Sleeping Tori!

I have posted pictures before of the weird places Tori finds to fall asleep. Our new house is no different. She really likes to fall asleep on the stairs! Since the move Tori has had a hard time sleeping at night. She gets up a few nights a week. A few times this month she …

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Jan 26

First Class

Nik has been working so hard and has earned his First Class in scouting!! Last night he recieved it at the Court of Honor! He also got two merit badges!! His posing always makes me laugh! I a super proud of him and all his hard work! He is getting closer and closer to that …

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Jan 25

My new venture!

I decided to try something new. I am really putting myself out there and I am a bit nervous and very excited!!! So what’s the news you ask? I have started a hair blog! So far all the feed back I have got is really positive and I am very thrilled! I actually have had …

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Jan 24

BYU Basketball

Saturday we went to watch Marie play basketball. I love going to her games! Warming up! Game time!! It is great watching her play! We are so proud of her!!! During one of the media time outs Ammon and Ariana were asked to go down on the court to do the Chicken Dance. Ammon took …

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Jan 22

Basketball Game

Ammon is playing basketball right now. We have never done basketball. I wish I would have got Nik interested. He loves it now. Anyway, Ammon is having a blast and learning lots of stuff. All the boys wear those wrist bands to help them figure out who to guard. It is a pretty smart system. …

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Jan 20

Ariana’s Story

The other day Adam and I were in his office talking and Ariana came in wanting to read us her story she wrote! It was too cute not to post. Enjoy Ariana's version of the Goldilocks and The Three Bears. It is pretty funny!  

Jan 19

Popcorn Cake

I saw this cake on a blog about a week ago and I knew it was perfect for the girls' birthday! It was popcorn with M&M's and pretzels. I kept it a secret and it drove this kids nuts!! I was so very excited! I wanted the cakes to be a little different and so …

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Jan 18

Happy 7th Birthday Britain and Kalixta!!

Today my twins celebrated their 7th birthday! Crazy! I hate that they are getting so old, but I also love watching them grow and change and become their own person! They are each so different and unique it is fun to be a part of their lives!  First we celebrated on Sunday with their dinner …

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