Monthly Archive: November 2010

Nov 30

Good Times!

It was so fun having my two brothers here from CA! Jeff lived with us for a while so the kids are super close to him! It is hard to have him so far away! That is why we love when he visits! He stayed with us so we got to see him all the …

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Nov 29

Family Pictures

Having so much family together means family picture!!! We took some pictures after Thanksgiving dinner. The whole gang!! Our Family! My brother Joey and his wife Sujin. They drove from California to spend the weekend! Brother Jordan and his wife Michelle! Brother Jason, his wife Jaime and Bella here from Odgen! The whole Beck Family. …

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Nov 28


We had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with amazing food and family! We had it at Marci's house this year which was really different for me. She did a wonderful job! The kids couldn't wait to dig in!! Tori ate her food really fast and saved lots of room for the giant candy canes that Marci …

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Nov 24

Thankful Turkeys

What is Thanksgiving time without our thankful turkeys?! This is my favorite tradition this time of year. With moving we didn't get it done very early but that worked out better because I waited so long more people got to do it with us!!! Britain is thankful for; Family, Food-Pancakes and eggs, 1st grade and …

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Nov 23

Apple Turkeys

Kalixta came home with a note from school asking her to bring in an apple to school because they were going to make apple turkeys. Well, that sounded like so much fun I had to google the idea. It looked way cute and pretty easy so I decided to do it with the pre-school girls. …

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Nov 22

Snow Day

It finally snowed. A real good stick to the ground and stay all day snow! Of course it is as cold as heck so that helps, I love the beauty of the snow. I love that the kids want to play in the snow! Today Ariana wanted to go out first thing. I made her …

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Nov 21

Baby Blessing

Marci and Kenny blessed their cute little guy today!! It was perfect with all the family here! He looked adorable in his little white outfit! It was a special day for a special guy! Love that boy! Boxing with his Uncle Adam!

Nov 20

BYU Basketball

It's that time of year again! BYU basketball time!!!! Today we went to Marie's game! She won! It was a great game to watch. Marie has some awesome defensive skill!! Plus all my family was here! My Mom, Dad, brother Jeff and his girlfriend Kylie drove in this morning! There is nothing better than family!! Greeting …

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Nov 19

Our House

Here is our house! It is smaller and cozier than our other one and we love it! This is Adam's office window! He is always representing SoCal! Tori is always the model! There are lots of stairs that I wasn't too excited about but then I talked to my friend. She gave me a little …

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Nov 18

Still here!

I know I know it has been a long time since I last blogged! I do have a good excuse though! We moved! Just down the street but packing up and then unpacking really takes a lot out of you! Moving day was crazy, crazy and I didn't get a chance to take a single …

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