Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 29

A little Ari and a Big Nik

This is kinda a random post on two kids. First of all, Ariana went to the pumpkin patch with her preschool class. They got to go on a hay ride and everything! She had a great time! It was the "best day ever!" Here she is with her painted pumpkin! She got an awesome coloring …

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Oct 28


Ammon got his Wolf Badge tonight at pack meeting. He has been waiting three months to get this. We haven't been to pack night in that long! Isn't that horrible?! We finally made it and he was quite pleased to sit with the Bear Den and get his award! He also got a gold and …

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Oct 27


Our sweet friends have a little girl Tori's age. They refer to her as spicy! I love this description! I would have to put Tori in that category too. She is a girl who knows her mind and will NOT allow anyone to change it!! She likes things her way and her way alone! This …

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Oct 26

Happy Birthday Tori!!

We celebrated Tori's birthday Sunday with all the family and some friends over. She had a great time! She was a little hesitant to open presents at first, but that didn't last long! She got this microphone that she LOVES! It plays lots of different songs she can sing along to and it records. The …

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Oct 21

Pumpkin painting

Zoe, Ammon, Britain, and Kalixta all got a pumpkin from school. I local farmer donated a pumpkin for each student! That is a lot of pumpkins! The school decided they would have a pumpkin decorating contest. The kids had to decorate the pumpkin like a character from a book! I called Michelle! She is the …

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Oct 20


Tori turned two today! She loved having everyone tell her Happy Birthday! She usually told them Happy Birthday back!! We had a busy day so we will celebrate her birthday properly on Sunday. The kids got mad at me for not making a cake today and Sunday so I got her some Zingers and we sang to …

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Oct 19

Sleeping Everywhere!

Tomorrow is Tori's birthday! I can't believe she is going to be 2! She is an amazing, fun, stubborn, little girl that I can't imagine my life without! She keeps me laughing all day long! The poor girl though, being the youngest of seven, often has to take what she can get! I have been …

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Oct 18

Did you Notice a Difference?

Did you notice a difference in the pictures of Kalixta at the pumpkin patch and the ones of her at Adam's birthday and the carnival? That is right Kalixta lost something!!! Her tooth! Her tooth was getting looser and looser. On Sunday it was still hanging on. She decided she would ask our Bishop to …

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Oct 14

Bears Carnival

Since Ammon turned 9 he is now a Bear in the scouting world! He changed dens just in time to participate in the Bear Carnival!  The whole family got to go! The girls were so excited, I cracked up when someone asked, "Where do they put the rides if the carnival is in the backyard?" …

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Oct 13

Birthday #39

Adam celebrated his 39th birthday last week. We had our normal family party on Sunday while everyone was here for dinner! It was wonderful and filled with lots of laughter! And of course some gooood food!!  There was lots of smiles! Lots of kisses! Lots of joy! Lots of cards, letters and drawings! Lots of …

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