Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 15

Wednesday Softball

Adam plays softball on Wednesday nights. He plays with some friends from church! He has a great time! He plays second or third base. He has made a number of good plays this season. Today he had a great catch and was in on a double play!   He has been hitting pretty good too!  …

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Sep 14

Ariana’s Writing!!

At preschool last week Ariana came home with her name written on the back of her paper. I ask her who wrote it and she said me! I was shocked and had to ask her teacher for the week if that was true! She said it was. I did preschool today and saw it for …

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Sep 13

The Moving Wall

The Moving Wall was in Spanish Fork this last week so we took the kids Saturday. Do you know what The Moving Wall is? It doesn't actually move like my kids thought it did before I took them. The Moving Wall is a half size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that is in Washington D.C. It …

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Sep 10

Tori’s Talking

Tori talks a ton and she in not even 2 yet! I had to get this video so I can forever remember her little voice and the way she pronounces words. In the video she is pointing out all the body parts she knows. We play this game a lot. It distracts her when she …

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Sep 09


I was on the late train and signed the kids up late for sports. When I finally went all the teams were full! At the last minute a spot opened for Zoe so she is the only one playing anything this year. It is kinda nice because there are only 2 games a week instead …

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Sep 08

Game Time

I am all done with the CA pictures! I loved going through them to relive the summer. They make me miss my brother Jeff, my family, all of Adam's family and CA! We had such a good time! Ammon loves to play games! When the cousins were here he had lots of people to play …

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Sep 07


We spent one afternoon playing tennis. My kids love to play tennis! Anything keeping them active is good with me!     Ammon is so quick and all over the place he is hard to take a picture of!     The little ones could rarely hit the ball. It was funny to watch them …

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Sep 06

Splash Park

A new splash park opened in Spanish Fork. The kids have wanted to go so bad. I have wanted to go all week too but with school, homework, games, and activities there just isn't enough time in the day! I decided I would surprise them on Friday! Friday is our early out day so I …

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Sep 03

Basua Reunion

We stayed a week mostly because of the Basua Reunion. The reunion was conveniently the weekend after the Fiesta!  The adults all had matching dark blue shirts.  Nik got an adult shirt! Adam's Mom made all the kids matching dark blue shirts! I love how they turned out! On the front is a picture of Adam's …

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Sep 02

The Beach!

What is a trip to California without a stop at the beach?!! We tried to go to the pool where Kylie lives but got kicked out, just as we got into the water, because there were too many of us! Try to get 10 water loving kids out of a pool! It was no fun! …

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