Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 30

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

Today is Adam's Dad's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! We called him today and sang to him, then all the kids talked to him. Once all the kids were in bed Tori and I were playing on the computer and she starts singing! As I listen closer she starts singing Happy Birthday. It was too cute …

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Sep 28

Big Girl Bed!

I took the side of Tori's bed off  at Adam's insistence! She is now sleeping in a big girl bed! She is doing okay. She loves to wake up and come out of her room by herself! She is just less than a month away from her second birthday! That thought leaves me speechless. I hate …

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Sep 27


Tori has decided to be afraid of the vacuum. She doesn't even like it when it is not on! Usually I try to vacuum when Ariana is around because she will comfort Tori. Last week I vacuumed when Ariana was gone. As soon as the vacuum turned on she ran and hide. It was kinda …

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Sep 24


Britain lost her first tooth today. She lost it at school, of course! All of my kids have to loose at least one at school! This tooth has been loose for about a month so she was glad to finally have it out! All their lives Britain has done everything before Kalixta so it didn't …

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Sep 23

First Class Projects

Britain and Kalixta have their first class projects due tomorrow! I was actually on the ball and they finished them yesterday since I knew I didn't have time today. They had to make a diorama to go along with the Ice Age. Britain decided she wanted to art from the Ice Age. Kalixta wanted to …

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Sep 22

Happy first day of Fall!!

Today is the first day of Fallll!! I am a little excited for fall to come! I love the cooler temps and the changing colors! I love the falling leaves. I love throwing those leaves at certain kids! I love that Halloween is around the corner and before that comes Ammon, Adam and Tori's birthdays! …

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Sep 21

Splash Pad

We went to the splash pad again Friday. It was the perfect day so there were a lot of people there. That did not stop the kids from having a blast!  I tried a new angle for my pictures. I tried taking them from the ground. This is the only one I liked but it …

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Sep 20

Two Silly Little Girls!

I am loving having these two sweet girls all to myself all day long! They play so well together, most of the time! It is so funny to listen to Ariana tell Tori what to say or how to do something or how to play a game. Tori is so teachable. Ariana is very patient …

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Sep 17

New Park

Next to the new splash pad is a new park. It is just as cool as the splash pad and the kids have a hard time deciding which one to go to. We decided that as long as it was warm we would go to the splash pad and then when it gets cold we …

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Sep 16

School Days

I taught Ariana's preschool again today! It was a lot of fun. Those little girls are dolls and are so full of energy! We learned the letter D so I made them play dough. They had to make snakes and form the letter Dd. It was kinda hard but all the girls got it. I …

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